Velveeta Shells & Cheese, Original (12 oz., 8 pk.)

by Velveeta
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If you're wondering what you have time to make on a busy day or night, reach for Velveeta Original Shells & Cheese. Your family will love this delicious shell pasta and cheese sauce combo, and you'll love that it provides them with good basic nutrition in a jiffy. Made with Real Cheese and Milk - Enjoyed by adults and children alike, Velveeta Original Mac & Cheese is a tasty combination of pasta and cheese sauce. Serve it up with confidence when you need a tasty and satisfying family meal in a hurry and don't be surprised if it becomes one of your kids' favorite meals. Have time to embellish a little? Simply add steamed veggies, tuna or cooked chicken chunks for a gourmet-inspired mac and cheese meal.