SNAP PAK Storage Container (28 oz., 50 piece)

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SNAP PAK Storage Container

  • Restaurant Grade Strength – PBA Free Food Containers
  • 50 piece pack includes 25 containers and 25 air-tight lids
  •  Certified GFSI Food Safe
  • Leak-free, air-tight lid ensures food freshness

Enjoy the durability, space-saving and food-safe benefits of these restaurant-quality Snap Pak™ food storage containers. Dishwasher, microwave, freezer and refrigerator safe, these containers are the perfect size for leftovers, meal preparation and all of your food storage needs. Clear container lids offer better visibility so you can easily see what's stored inside. Label your Snap Pak™ containers with recipes, date food was packed, and descriptions to better manage your food storage. Restaurant quality yet very affordable, these 28 oz food storage containers feature an air-tight lid to support longer food freshness while stored in your freezer, refrigerator or pantry. Portable and light-weight for transporting hot, cold, or room temperature food on the go. Snap and lock lids ensure air-tightness and eliminate leaks to ensure food freshness and eliminate spills. Use for picnic, barbeque and birthday events. Planning a party, this 50 pack of food storage containers will make your clean up fast and easy.  Let your guests take food home in these food-safe storage containers. Teachers can label and use for these durable multi-purpose containers for storing crayons, pens, pencils and more. Each rectangular container measures 5.75" x 8.38" x 1.5" and features a unique lid design to allow for stacking perfection. 50 piece pack includes 25 containers and 25 air-tight lids.