Skittles and Starburst Candy Variety Pack (32 Ct.)

by Skittles
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Skittles & Starburst Variety Pack

  • 32 count
  • 10 Skittles Original
  • 5 Skittles Sours
  • 5 Skittles Wildberry
  • 6 Starburst Original
  • 6 Starburst Tropical

Have you experienced the unexpectedly juicy burst of bold fruit flavor inside every Skittles & Starburst candy? Treat yourself to the extraordinary juiciness that defines these beloved chewy candies. The best thing about this Skittles and Starburst Variety Pack is that you get a little bit of everything fruit-flavored that you love. And within each bag, there are even more flavors to choose from. Stick with the original flavors of each brand or venture out into Tropical, Sours and Wildberry. The world of fruit flavors is in your hands.