Ring Pop Candy Variety Pack (40 ct.)

by Ring Pop
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Ring Pop Candy Variety Pack

  • Includes 40 top-selling kids candies:
    • 14 Ring Pops
    • 12 Push Pops
    • 10 Baby Bottle Pops
    • 4 Juicy Drop Pops

This variety pack features four childhood favorites that every generation will love! Save big buying this variety pack that’s perfect for concessions, picnics, parties and more! Each individually wrapped candy is ready for resale in a number of flavors for everyone to find their favorite.

Ring Pops offer the tangy, sweet candy gemstones atop a plastic, expandable ring that fits nearly any finger, with a handy disc to keep dribbles away from your fingers while you’re enjoying this sweet.

Push Pops are the classic candies enclosed in a plastic tube – just push up to enjoy the sweet flavor of the candy, or push down and cap it to save it for later.

Baby Bottle Pops are the funny little candies with a candy top that you lick, dip, and lick again! Yummy candy powder inside the bottles is a yummy treat to nom on and carry around with you.

And finally, Juicy Drop Pops, the sweet and sour treat you can’t wait to eat! Just squeeze a bit of sour onto the hard candy pop for a delicious, mouthwatering combination.