Pearson's Dark Chocolate Mint Patties (240 ct. jar)

by Pearson's
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Pearson’s Dark Chocolate Mint Patties

  • 240 count jar

Looking for a sweet breath of fresh air in your candy? Look no further than Pearson's Mint Patties! We make them with only the finest ingredients, and the result is a sweet-yet-refreshing treat fit for any chocolate connoisseur. First, we craft the creamy mint center from real oil of peppermint. Next, we plunge the core into our delectable dark chocolate, crafted from 66% cacao, until the core is covered in silky smooth goodness. The patties are then individually wrapped in metallic silver foil and packed into our sealed container for maximum freshness.

Unwrap Pearson's Mint Patty and you can already smell the crisp minty scent! Peppermint oil has long been praised as a scent that provides alertness and improves memory. Let the rich dark chocolate melt in your mouth and give way to the mint's cool, brisk zing. Want to indulge that sweet tooth just a little more? Worry not! These candies are naturally gluten free, low in fat, and a light 30 calories each.

With a quantity of 240 candies, this container is made to be shareable, stack-able, and reusable. Delicious, reasonably priced, and made in the USA, our patties will be sure to delight you again and again.


  • 240 ct. jar
  • Made with oil of peppermint & rich dark chocolate
  • Individually wrapped for freshness
  • Creamy mint center
  • Stackable reuseable jar