Mrs. Freshley's Vanilla Cupcakes (2 per pk., 12 pk.)

by Mrs. Freshley's
Save 42%
  • Delicious vanilla cupcakes with creme filling and sprinkles
  • Perfect for lunchboxes
  • Each pack has 2 cupcakes; 12 packs total

Mrs. Freshley's Vanilla Cupcakes

If you take your snacks seriously, then Mrs. Freshley's Vanilla Cupcakes were made for you. Moist vanilla cake is filled with creme then topped with icing and colorful sprinkles. It'll make you want more than just one. Luckily, these scrumptious cupcakes come in two-packs so you can have double the enjoyment.

Each pack is individually wrapped for your convenience. This club pack is perfect for stocking the home pantry (think afternoon snack for kids!) but they also make an excellent selling item for vending, convenience stores and snack stands.