Marinela Pinguinos Cookies (24 ct.)

by Marinela
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Marinela Pinguinos Cookies

  • 24 creme-filled cup cakes

When you want a snack the whole family can enjoy, look for Marinela Pinguinos Cookies. They are chocked full of chocolatey goodness from your first bite to the last. That makes these moist snack cakes special enough, but that’s not the whole story. They start with a creamy chocolate icing with a vanilla center swirl design, but that’s only another part to the story. The real surprise is when you bite into the velvety moist chocolate cake, iced to perfection, and discover the luscious vanilla cream center. Marinela Pinguinos Cookies supply just the right combination of texture and sweetness to make this a pantry staple.


Marinela Pinguinos Cookies provide consistent quality, so you can count on one box tasting as good as the next. If you decide on the 24 pack, your family will always have a wholesome snack to come home to. You might want to get one for yourself while you still can because they don’t last long. Each cake supplies you with a source of calcium, and at only 155 calories per cupcake with 2.5 grams of fat, you can enjoy it guilt-free. The next time your family sits down to watch a movie together, make sure you have plenty of Marinelas on hand with tall glasses of cold milk.