Marinela Gansito Snack Cakes (24 pk.)

by Marinela

Marinela Gansito Snack Cakes Product Details

Marinela® Gansito Snack Cakes are perfect for lunches and afternoon treats. Each cake is filled with strawberry jelly and cream.

  • 24 pk.
  • Ideal for concessions and c-stores


Delicious Creamy, Swirly, Strawberry Jelly Flavored Snack Cakes

Enjoy a tasty sponge cake treat with a swirl of creme and strawberry jelly with Marinela Gansito Snack Cakes. Chill it in the fridge or eat straight out of the package. Whichever you choose, these Gansito Snack Cakes cure your sweet tooth.