Marathon Automatic Hand Towel Dispenser (Black)

by Marathon
Save 4%

Easy to install and maintain, this towel dispenser helps reduce the spread of germs. It features a see-through side cover that makes monitoring refills easy. The dispenser provides up to 350 feet of paper towels (when used with Marathon Dispenser Roll Towels). Each pull of the towel delivers 11'' of a soft, absorbent towel.

This automated, touchless roll towel dispenser keeps hands dry while keeping germs at bay. It also reduces waste and to help your bottom line and the environment.


  • Soft, absorbent towel dries hands quickly
  • Can also be used to wipe up large spills and tough messes
  • One-at-a-time dispensing minimizes waste
  • Durable construction maintains aesthetics
  • Ideal for steady traffic areas and extended service intervals