Keebler Toasteds Party Pack Cracker Assortment (40 oz.)

by Keebler
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The Keebler Toasteds Party Pack includes:

  • 1 Box Sesame Toasteds
  • 2 Boxes Wheat Toasteds
  • 2 Boxes Buttercrisp Toasteds

This medley of three party favorites: buttercrisp, sesame and wheat crackers, each toasted to perfection to give them a light, crisp texture and the signature Toasteds taste. Whether enjoyed with a simple slice of cheddar or a hearty dip, these crackers bring distinction to any party platter. Toasteds Crackers are the toast of the party!


  • 5 x 8-oz. boxes
  • 3 flavors
  • Low in saturated fat
  • No cholesterol
  • Kosher