Head & Shoulders Pump Classic Clean Shampoo (43.3 fl. oz.)

by Head & Shoulders
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43.3 oz. Shampoo pump bottle.

Healthy hair starts from a healthy scalp.

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo in a 43.3-ounce pump works to create a flake-free scalp. This anti-dandruff shampoo features a special 3Action formula that performs these necessary functions:

  • Deep cleans to eliminate dirt, oil and residue
  • Protects delicate strands from harsh elements
  • Moisturizes hair to add resilience

Dermatologists recommend Head & Shoulders Classic Clean as a first-line treatment for dandruff. It effectively reduces flakes, itching and dryness associated with dandruff. Soft, shiny and manageable hair is possible with this high-performing cleanser!

This mild shampoo is formulated for daily use. It is gentle enough to use on permed or color treated hair.

The convenient pump design of the bottle dispenses the perfect amount of product every time.

Pyrithione zinc is the active ingredient in this product. In this formulation, pyrithione zinc combines with zinc carbonate to maintain moisture and heighten the effectiveness of the active ingredient. It also contains conditioners to keep hair smooth and silky.

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean is paraben-free and made from carefully selected ingredients to adhere to strict safety standards and minimize irritation in people with sensitive skin and scalps.

The fresh fragrance provides a rejuvenating shower experience.

Regular use will leave hair feeling healthy and refreshed!


  • 43.3 oz. bottle with pump
  • Gentle and pH balanced for everyday use even on permed or color treated hair