Glaceau Sparkling Smartwater (16.9 oz., 24 pk.)

by SmartWater
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  • Vapor-distilled water, added minerals and light carbonation
  • Taste that’s distinctly pure, crisp and effervescent
  • Similar in taste to seltzer water, soda water or club soda
  • Water that’s as pure as the first drop of rain

Glaceau Sparkling Smartwater

Enjoy the effervescent, distinguished taste of Glaceau Sparkling Smartwater lightly carbonated water. Combining vapor-distilled water, minerals and gentle carbonation, Sparkling Smartwater delivers a taste that's distinctly pure, crisp and effervescent. It's similar in taste to seltzer water, soda water or club soda—it's still-water turned fizzy through the simple process of carbonation. Free of sugar, calories, coloring and artificial flavors, it's a delicious pairing to any meal.


  • 500 ml (0.5 L) - 24 bottles
  • 0 calories per serving
  • Plant bottle: up to 30% plant-based plastic
  • 100% recyclable