Dried Mediterranean Apricots (26 oz.)

by Daily Chef
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  • Great as an elegant dessert dipped in chocolate
  • A sweet and fat-free snack
  • From orchards of the sun-drenched Mediterranean region
  • A great addition to trail mixes, cereal, cookies, and oatmeal

Daily Chef Dried Apricots are hand selected from the finest growing region in the Mediterranean at the peak of the fruit’s natural maturity—ensuring the sweetest, most delicious dried fruit. From the orchards of this sun-drenched region comes this extraordinary, healthy, fat-free snack. We invite you to enjoy this plump juicy treat packed with nature’s goodness in every bite. So enjoy this treat from the bag or in your next recipe for an adventure in taste.

  • Dried apricots are fantastic in salads, trail mixes, cookies, oatmeal, and make an elegant dessert (especially dipped in chocolate)
  • Just a quarter cup of this tasty treat provides a full serving of fruit
  • Dried apricots are a sweet tasty snack with a tart finish that will leave you wanting more
  • An exotic treat from the Mediterranean