Clear Care Plus Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution (32 oz.)

by Clear Care
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CLEAR CARE Plus® Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution delivers pristine clean and pure comfort for your contact lenses. Triple Action Cleaning uses an exclusive hydrogen peroxide formula to actively deep clean and disinfect in five simple steps. Just watch the bubbles go to work. You'll discover a clean you can see and a comfort you can feel.

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We took the awesome power of CLEAR CARE® Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution to the next level.

Not only does CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution clean and disinfect your contact lenses with the bubbling power of hydrogen peroxide, it also surrounds your lenses with long-lastingmoisture. Clean and comfortable lenses? You got it.
So what’s the big difference?

CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution cleans and disinfects like no standard multi-purpose solution -- with the bubbling power of peroxide.

Our Solution deep cleans your lenses with the power of peroxide, then neutralizes into a gentle saline solution — much like your own tears — but without the chemical preservatives found in multi-purpose solutions. You can even see it working!

Package contains:Two 16 oz bottles of CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution; two lens cases with neutralizing disc.





The preservative free, aqueous CLEAR CARE® PLUS contains: hydrogen peroxide 3%, phosphonic acid (stabiliser), sodium chloride (0.79%), phosphate (buffer system), PLURONIC 17R4 (a cleaning agent), and HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix (EOBO-21 – polyoxyethylene- polyoxybutylene, especially for silicone hydrogel soft lenses).


It is essential to follow your eye care professional’s directions and all labeling instructions for proper use and care of your lenses and lens care products, including the lens case. 

The red snap cap and dropper tip means that this product is NOT FOR DIRECT USE ON EYE. DO NOT PUT CLEAR CARE® PLUS THAT HAS NOT BEEN NEUTRALIZED IN YOUR EYE OR USE TO RINSE LENSES. Lenses must be soaked in the provided lens case for at least 6 hours (neutralization process) prior to insertion. OTHERWISE, BURNING AND STINGING WILL RESULT. 

Should non-neutralized solution get in your eye, remove your lenses immediately, flush (wash) your eyes with a large amount of water or sterile saline for a few minutes. If burning and/or irritation persist, seek assistance from an eye care professional. 

DO NOT REUSE OR “TOP OFF” CLEAR CARE® PLUS IN YOUR LENS CASE. Use only fresh solution to clean and disinfect contact lenses on every cleaning occasion. 

DO NOT USE A FLAT LENS CASE. Only use the provided lens case with CLEAR CARE® PLUS for disinfection and neutralization. 

NEVER clean or rinse your contact lenses in your hands with CLEAR CARE® PLUS. A mild, temporary skin discoloration (bleaching) of the fingers or hands may result from contact with non-neutralized solution. Always wash and rinse your hands after exposure. 
Q: How long can I store my lenses in a CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution lens case?
A: You can store lenses in an unopened CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE PLUS® Solution lens case for up to 7 days. After 7 days, prior to wear, discard old solution and disinfect the lenses again.

Q: Why do I have to clean the lens case with solution after use?
A: It will remove any residual gunk and debris particles that may have filtered down to the bottom of the case. Don’t rinse with water, however, because tap water could contain potential eye irritants and germs.

Q: Is it safe to use CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution every day?
A: CLEAR CARE® and CLEAR CARE® PLUS are safe to use daily.

Q: Should I rinse my lenses with a multi-purpose solution or a saline solution after using CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS solution.
A: Use a sterile saline solution if you want to rinse. We recommend CLEAR CARE® Rinse & Go™ Rinsing Solution, a gentle saline solution that lets you conveniently rinse and temporarily store contact lenses at home or on the go.

Q: When should I throw away my CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution lens case?
A: Always throw away your CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution lens case with each new purchase of CLEAR CARE® or CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution. A fresh lens case is included in each package of each solution. Always use the new lens case when you open a new package.