Fabuloso Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner (210 oz.)

by Fabuloso
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Fabuloso Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner

  • 210 oz.

Fabuloso Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Fabuloso Lavender Multi-purpose Cleaner leaves a fresh scent that lasts. The Lavender fragrance leaves an irresistible scent your family and guests will notice. Just add water and use a mop, cloth or other item to clean your floor or other surfaces. This Fabuloso cleaner is easy to use and formulated to be residue-free, so there is no need to rinse.  All-purpose cleaner leaves a long-lasting, fresh scent. Effective for a wide variety of cleaning applications, Fabuloso Multi-Use Cleaner cleans floors, wall, kitchens, foodservice areas and restrooms. Advanced technology formula penetrates deep into surface to capture grease and soils and leaves no residue. Neutral pH makes product safe for people and surfaces.


  • Soothing, long-lasting fragrance
  • Multi-use cleaning power
  • No residue, no need to rinse
  • Easy-pour bottle