AXE XL Deodorant Body Spray, Phoenix (5.1 oz., 4 pk.)

by Axe XL
Save 9%
  • Subtle, yet masculine fragrance of AXE Phoenix
  • Goes well with AXE Body Wash or AXE Antiperspirant Deodorant Sticks
  • A few quick sprays is all you need
  • Clean and light enough to wear throughout the day

AXE XL Deodorant Body Spray

AXE XL Deodorant Body Spray has the same long-lasting fragrance and effective deodorant protection of the original version, but is now in a larger size with 27% more per can!


Named after the mythical bird that combusts only to be reborn from its own ashes, AXE XL Phoenix Body Spray is a scent that stands out. This fragrance features lavender, geranium, citrus and coumarone.


  • ​Unique all-over body spray
  • Premium fragrance
  • Delivers superior odor protection
  • Smells great with effective deodorant protection
  • Evolves into a lingering aroma