MAS Color Liquid Detergent (240 oz., 120 loads)

by MAS Color
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MAS Color

120 loads, 240 oz.

MAS Color Liquid Laundry Detergent is specially formulated to give new life to your colored fabrics. This 240-fluid-ounce bottle of hard-working laundry soap preserves and enhances color, revitalizing your family's clothing, towels, linens, blankets, and more.

The concentrated liquid formula can overcome some of your toughest laundry challenges, reducing or removing unwanted odors, accumulated dirt, and stubborn stains. Stored in a sturdy plastic bottle with an easy-grip handle, this top-notch liquid detergent dissolves readily and distributes evenly throughout your washing machine.

Repeated washings will leave your clothing smelling fresh and looking crisp, clean, and vibrant. A stellar performer, this laundry soap works effectively but gently, protecting your clothing from pilling, lint, and a premature breakdown of fabric fibers.

As a result, you can trust MAS products with your favorite pieces of clothing. The bottle, which features an easy-flow spigot, can be positioned on a countertop, laundry table, or other stable surface. This convenient pour method eliminates the need for repeated lifting and helps control the flow of detergent, which prevents spills, eliminates mess, and saves you money. Perfect for use at home and in public and private institutions, a single 240-ounce bottle of this laundry soap can wash up to 120 loads. Wash your colored items with MAS Color, and appreciate the spectacular Renew Effect.

Instructions for use:

For best results, follow washing machine instructions for adding detergent. For regular loads, fill cap to level 2 (2 oz). Use more for heavily soiled or large loads.

Caution: Contains surfactants. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.