Gain Original Fireworks (37.6 oz.)

by Gain
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  • 37.6 oz.
  • Fantastic freshness will last up to two weeks
  • Just shake into the washer before adding clothes
  • Shake a little or a lot – it’s up to you

Add pop to your laundry with long-lasting Gain Original Fireworks In-Wash Scent Booster. Choose from subtle to wow! The amount of smell will depend on how much of this original laundry scent booster you add to your can add a little or add a lot. You get the same cool and crisp scent you fell in love with in an in-wash scent booster. Gain Original Fireworks goes directly into the washer to give a fresh-scent boost to all your clothes. The fantastic freshness in your clothes will last up to two weeks.


  • Create explosions of scent in your washer with Gain Original Fireworks
  • In-wash booster lets you pick just how much scent you enjoy
  • Shake as many scent beads as you d like into your washer drum before starting the wash
  • Gain Fireworks dissolve in hot or cold water