5-Hour Tea, Peach Tea Flavor (1.93 oz., 24 pk.)

by 5-Hour Energy
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When you need a healthy pick-me-up, grab a 5-Hour Energy™ Shot, Peach Tea (1.93 oz, 24 pk.) and feel any task become easier with a wonderful dose of delicious energy.

Why Choose 5-Hour Energy Shot, Peach Tea?

The peach tea flavor of this 5-Hour Energy drink will revive your mind and refresh your senses. Each bottle contains a research proven blend of B-vitamins, amino acids and essential nutrients that keep your energy levels stable and your body feeling strong and alert. 5-Hour Energy Shots have zero sugar, absolutely no herbal stimulants and only four calories. This pack of delicious energy shots is bursting with bold peach flavor and comes with its own displayable box for easy resale.

When Are Some Great Times to Use 5-Hour Energy Shot, Peach Tea?

5-Hour Energy Shots are perfect when you are trying to get in the zone and stay there longer when you are working out or playing sports. This drink will help you with a combination of energy, clarity and alertness. Anyone who travels frequently may be familiar with how tiring it can be sometimes. Whether you're on business or on vacation, a 5-Hour Energy Shot can help you stay alert and ready for work or play wherever you may be headed. Another frequent time you may find 5-hour Energy helpful is on weekends. Grab a shot when you're on the go and get the boost you need to tackle your to-do list and making time for must-see friends and events.

How Much Caffeine Is inside a 5-Hour Energy Shot, Peach Tea?

Regular strength 5-Hour Energy Shots have around the same amount of caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. Extra Strength 5-Hour Energy Shots contain about the same amount of caffeine as 12 ounces of the leading premium coffee.

* Caffeine from green tea leaves * Made with B vitamins and nutrients * Sugar-free, four calories, delicious flavor * A great caffeine alternative to an 8-ounce premium coffee drink

About this item

  • Peach tea flavor 5-Hour Energy drink
  • Flavors comes from green tea leaves
  • 5-Hour Energy nutrition is full of vitamins and amino acids
  • Sugar-free and only 4 calories per bottle
  • Portable and requires no refrigeration