What Can You Clean with Bleach?

What Can You Clean with Bleach?

Bleach has picked up a mixed reputation over the years because of its ability to produce a toxic solution when mixed with certain chemicals. When bleach is used alone, however, it serves as a safe, thorough and handy cleaning solution.

How to mix bleach for cleaning:

Wondering how to dilute bleach for cleaning? Mixing a bleach cleaning solution is simple. Before you get started on creating the perfect batch, find a space to mix outside or an indoor room with plenty of ventilation. As you know, bleach fumes are potent and toxic - mixing the solution in the open air keeps you safe.

Use one part bleach per nine parts water, adding cups of bleach into a spray bottle and following with water. Close the bottle and calmly flip the solution several times. You’re ready to go! If you spill any solution, wash immediately and discard any unused solution at the end of the clean.

Now, check out some of the best ways to use bleach below:

  1. Washing dishes

Washing dishes with bleach is a great way to regain your dishes’ sparkle and shine while administering a deep disinfecting clean.

How long should you soak dishes in bleach to disinfect them?

Bleach takes about two minutes to disinfect a surface. When using bleach as your disinfectant, clean the surface of interest first, apply the solution by wiping or washing, rinse the solution, and let the surface air dry. Alternatively, add a teaspoon of bleach to your dishwater as you clean.

  1. Disinfect cutting boards

While you are cleaning your dishes, give you cutting boards a bleach bath, as well, by scrubbing the surface with a brush dipped in diluted bleach. Once you scrub the board using small circular movements, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and buff dry.

Woman  Disinfecting cutting boards

  1. Freshen up flowers

That’s right, you can use bleach to keep your flowers living longer. Add a 1/4 teaspoon per quart to the vase of water and see your blooms perk up.

Freshening up flowers with bleach

  1. Sterilize surfaces

You can sterilize most household items with bleach. Whether it’s a toy your child traipses around school or new furniture pieces you picked up at an estate sale, a quick bleach cleanse will sanitize all previous germs and energy away.

  1. Get rid of weeds

If you have pesky weeds infiltrating your walkway by pouring undiluted bleach over the weeds. Let the bleach sit a couple of days before pulling out the weeds, and the bleach will help prevent the weeds from growing back.

  1. Laundry

Bleach brightens fabrics and can be used to work on tough stains.

How much bleach to use in laundry?

You can use about a half-cup of bleach in your washing load. After you add detergent to your machine, start the cycle. Let the cycle run for about five minutes, then add one-half cup of regular bleach to the solution.

How much bleach to use in laundry

If your washing machine has a different line indicating maximum bleach amount, follow that line instead. Once you add the bleach to the wash water, add your clothes and let the cycle commence.

  1. Sterilize trash cans

This is one household chore we do not do often enough. Disinfect your trash bin by cleaning it first, soaking and scrubbing the pin with bleach and warm water, rinsing it and allowing the can to air dry outside.

Bleach is a staple item to store safely in the house. If you don’t have any bleach on hand, add a bottle to your next order through EZneeds
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