Which Deodorant Works Best

Which Deodorant Works Best

If you stop in your tracks the moment a whiff of body odor lingers all too quickly to your nose and immediately track its source praying that it is not you, you are not alone. While body odor is natural, recorded history shares accounts of humans detesting body odor for a long time, from ancient Egyptian scent bathing to native Central and South Americans burning incense around smelly Spanish explorers.

So know you are not alone when you go beyond antiperspirant and search for a deodorant that stifles the human stench we’ve yet to manage to find pleasing.

Let’s take a look at how deodorants compare and which style is best suited to your life.

First things first - let’s clarify the difference between bacteria and antiperspirants. Deodorant kills bacteria found in sweat on the skin that makes sweat stink. Antiperspirant cuts down on the amount of sweat that the body produces.

If you are looking for deodorants, you can choose amongst countless brands and scents (or fragrance-free) and go for a super efficient spray or a more traditional roll-on stick. Let’s look at both.

Spray deodorant vs stick

When we look at spray deodorant vs stick deodorant, we have to consider the lifestyle of the user.

spray deodorant vs stick deodorant

Spray deodorant pros:

  • easy to travel with: small, lightweight and not subject to liquid volume constrictions
  • super efficient; it dries in seconds!
  • smells unbelievable; really, try it!

Stick deodorant pros:

  • discrete; you can swiftly apply your deodorant in the gym, in public places or on the train (hey, sometimes you gotta) without making any noise or producing a potent, fragrant cloud around you.
  • precision; spray deodorant allows you to spray the exact area of your underarm for full coverage and without any slips onto your clothes

Depending on your daily habits, travel needs and public space tendencies, one is likely more practical than the other for you.

Are spray deodorants bad for you?

Most beauty care and hygiene products today come with as many taboos as praises. It’s up to you to investigate and to follow your gut on which products you want to trust as a part of your life and beauty regime.  

Some warnings around deodorant aerosols include inhaling chemicals that induce allergic reactions such as skin rashes, breathing difficulties and asthma.

are spray deodorants bad for you

What about gel vs solid antiperspirant?

There’s also a great debate over gel and solid antiperspirant sticks. The main reason users choose gel over solid is that gel deodorant leaves no residue on the stick and no marks on clothes. It also has a lighter body weight, so when users start sweating, it does not feel as heavy. Solid sticks, on the other hand, are typically more reliable for strong odor defense that lasts throughout activities. Solid antiperspirants can be found most commonly at stores throughout your travels around the world, so it’s an easy staple to stick to.

spray deodorant vs stick deodorant

Can I use male deodorant if I am a female?

Truth be told, there is not a chemical difference between the active ingredients used in the deodorants marketed for men or for women. If you like men’s deodorant better, go for it!

Choosing an antiperspirant or deodorant is a personal choice. It’s your body, your health, your scent and your life. Choose a product (if you choose a product at all) that best suits your needs, your beliefs in health and maybe one that treats your sense of smell instead of reminding it of the olden days when Egyptians needed to bathe in scents and native South Americans needed to fan and burn incense to avoid smelling the European newcomers.

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