is canned fruit good for you

Is Canned Fruit Good or Bad For You?

Canned fruit has stocked our pantries for decades, and many shoppers are becoming curious about whether or not canned fruit’s super long shelf-life makes it a safe food to eat.

The health of any food depends to some degree on an individual’s health, nutritional composition, lifestyle, diet and weight goals. Before you decide whether to purchase canned or fresh produce, make a list of your diet priorities. You might find that canned fruit is an awesome alternative in your kitchen or that you want to do without it. It’s up to you!

Let’s take a look at what experts have to say about canned fruit.

Is canned fruit good for you?

Depending on your nutritional needs and goals, canned fruit can add many benefits to your diet. In some cases, canned produce has even more nutrients and vitamins than its fresh fruit counterpart.

how long is canned fruit good for

Canned fruits are a good way to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients in your diet that you miss out on when fresh produce is not available or when you cannot make it to the store.

Fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet and many Americans are not enough of these tasty ingredients in their diets. If you are running low on fruits and vegetables, canned fruits are an alternative to meeting your daily nutritional needs.

Is canned fruit bad for you?

Depending on your diet and current health, canned fruit might not be your healthiest option. For example, if you are staying away from added sugar, the syrup added to some canned fruits will keep the canned goods from becoming a go-to item in your pantry.

There is also some evidence that a chemical known as BPA (bisphenol-A) is used in the lining of some cans. Some experts believe that the BPA can travel from the lining of the can into the fruit inside.

Is it better to eat canned fruit than no fruit?

Canned fruit still contains vitamins and nutrients essential to your health, so it might be better to eat canned fruits than no fruit at all. Vitamins A, B vitamins, and potassium can still be absorbed from canned fruits.

Since canned fruits are processed right away, many of these fruits are picked when they are fully ripe. That means you benefit from the maximum nutritional content.

During off-seasons, canned solutions might be the only option for a particular fruit, like peaches. In this case, your best bet for getting this fruit is in a can!

does canned fruit have nutritional value

Does canned fruit have nutritional value?

Canned fruit does retain some of its nutritional value, including the potency of vitamin A, B vitamins, and potassium. However, one of the fruit’s most nutritious vitamins, vitamin C, get destroyed by heat in the canning process.

Additionally, most canned fruits have been peeled. While this makes canned fruits accessible and convenient for smoothies or child preferences, the skin often contains a ton of the fruit’s nutritional content.

Depending on your nutritional needs, canned fruit can still provide you with the nourishment you need.

How long is canned fruit good for?

Canned fruit typically has an expiry date of 1-4 years. If stored in cool, dark conditions, cans can keep fruit for about 3-6 years. Once the canned fruit is opened, it should be eaten in 2-7 days if you are storing it in the fridge. It’s a great idea to empty the unused fruit from the can into a separately sealed container.

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