How to Mop a Floor Correctly

How to Mop a Floor Correctly

Mopping a floor is not as simple (or dreadful) as it sounds - there’s actually a right way to mop to improve the quality of cleanliness and the quality of the joy in cleaning.

It might sound silly, but knowing how to mop a floor correctly can totally brighten up the cleaning experience and keep your home sparkling with all that love and positivity you put in to a good mopping technique. Let’s take a look at how to get the best results and enjoy the work along the way.

How to Properly Mop a Floor:

Gather materials

To get the most of your mopping, you will need the following supplies:

  • Vacuum or broom and dustpan (to prep the floors)
  • Mop
  • Mopping solution
  • Bucket or sink
  • Bucket 2 or sink 2
  • Rag

Before you select your specific mop and mopping solution, run a bit of research on your type of floor to determine which supplies will be best to use.

best mopping technique

How to choose the best mop?

A classic white-string or rag mop is best for textured floors. A sponge mop is best for smooth floors. Flat mops are great for quick surface cleans and getting hard-to-reach corners. Dust mops work well with clean floors, light fixtures, ceilings and walls. Steam mops are suitable for floors that can withstand heat and moisture. Lastly, strip mops are great for everyday chores that need a bit of scrubbing power added to them.

Prep the floor

Now that you have your mopping materials, let’s prep your floor for the smoothest, clearest clean.

You don’t want your water and mopping solution to make a bigger mess on the floor, which is why you must first thoroughly clean the surface by sweeping or vacuuming. As you smooth and clean the floor, keep an eye out for gunky build-up. Remove these tough spots before beginning to mop.

Fill bucket or sink

You can use a bucket or a sink to hold your mopping solution and water. Be sure to read the instructions on your mopping solution to find out if it is safe for your floor and to know how much of the solution to use. If you use too much solution, it could leave a soapy resin on your floor.

Choosing to fill a bucket or sink depends on what’s available at home and your cleaning style preference. If you fill a bucket, you can transport it along with you as you mop, but you might need to empty and fill it as the water gets dirty. If you fill a sink, draining and refilling are simple, but you’ll need to walk back and forth as you mop.

Dip and wring

Keep the water dripping from your mop to a minimum, wringing it thoroughly after dipping into the solution.

how to properly mop a floor


The best mopping technique is to mop in straight lines from the top to the bottom of the room, or in figure-eights if using a rag mop. To mop away build-up, apply mop pressure to the spot and rub quickly.

Rinse and wring

Rinse and wring your dirty mop into a second bucket or sink. Then wring and dip the rinsed mop in the solution bucket or sink.

Final touches

For any hard-to-reach areas, follow up with a drying rag.

Keep supplies together

Neatly rinse and place your mop out to dry. Put everything away together so next time you need to mop, you have all of the supplies.

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