Household Items Everyone Should Have

Household Items Everyone Should Have

When you move into your first home, there is a frenzy of decorating, designing and determining precisely the energy you want drift about your house as you tuck family in and welcome friends for toasts.

As you perfect the inner workings of your own, be sure to stock your pantry, linen closet or guest bathroom with a few essential household items everyone should have.

10 Things Everyone Needs in their House

First Aid Kit

Safety comes first at your house. Keep everyone healthy and patched up with a first aid kit for just $29.98. It comes fully stocked and organized by interior compartments with easy-slide latches that lock securely into place. Find all of the safely supplies you need quickly - this kit is perfect for your home to the office.

things everyone needs in their house

Power Outage Essentials

When the power goes out, be ready to power your flashlights and electronics with a supply of batteries. Stock up on batteries in your online EZneeds order.

Extra toothbrushes

Extra toothbrushes will make you feel a genius each time somebody has forgotten their toothbrush when staying over or returning home from a trip. Try Colgate’s 8pk of Total Whitening Toothbrushes for just $11.98!

most useful household items


Rages are one of the most useful household items and the absolute best to have on hand - for spills, counters, hands, dishes… you name it, a clean rag can do the job. Scott Shop Rags in A Box are perfect for all your home improvement projects and unexpected times of need.

Guest Supplies

Sometimes you plan for guests, sometimes you don’t. For the times you have surprise visitors, have a basket of supplies on hand to make sure everyone who is staying over has what they need. Make sure your guest basket includes toothpaste, a toothbrush, a body sponge and a towel!

Swiffer Duster

Needs a swift surface clean before company arrives? A Swiffer Duster can do just the job! The handle is easy to maneuver and the adhesives pick up all your dust and unwanted free floaters from even the tightest, hardest-to-reach nooks and crannies in your house.

Dusting is always a good idea - not just for company! A clean, clear floor surface provides your house with a pure and happy energy for everyone to relax in and enjoy.

Toilet Paper

This sounds obvious, but how often are you suddenly using an entertainingly stingy amount of toilet paper because your supply is too low? You can buy Charmin TP in bulk next time you order items from EZneeds to avoid these last minute realizations.


Always keep a box of tissues on your kitchen and bathroom counters. A box of Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues will kill you sniffle safe for an added $1.49 to your EZneeds cart.

Lint Roller

All too often, our clothes are ridden in blanket or dog hair at exactly at the wrong time. Keep a lint roller on hand to keep you and your guests lint, dust, and hair free on your way back out of the house.

household items everyone should have


Even if you are a not a coffee drinker, it’s a great a staple to have on hand for guests, friends and times of desperate measures. If you are a coffee drinker, extra coffee ensures you won’t find yourself early morning, running late, peering into an empty grounds can.

Add Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee to your cart at checkout for a delight sip of good morning.

EZneeds making shopping simpler by delivering your household goods and kitchen items directly to your door. To learn more about shopping with us online, reach out to our customer service team or get started immediately, today!

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