Healthy Foods to Get at an Online Grocery Store

Healthy Foods to Get at an Online Grocery Store

Healthy eating is the best way to improve your quality of life and support all of your body’s natural functions, from sleeping to metabolizing to feeling happy. At some point in time, society veered from healthy, natural foods to easy, pre-packed on-the-go items that don’t necessarily carry the ingredients necessary for adequate nutrition. However, these items became the shopper preference with low prices and convenient consumption.

Transitioning into healthy eating alternatives can be easy and fun if you take it slow. There’s no need to revamp your shopping list all at once. Instead, start by swapping the foods you regularly buy for healthier ones and each week or month, invite one new health food into your life.

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Learning about the benefits and cooking capacities of groceries for healthy eating takes time, so give yourself this time and enjoy the educational opportunity. Let’s take a look at a list of things to get at an online grocery store when you are trying to eat health-consciously and a list of possible swaps you can make for healthy alternatives.

Healthy eating shopping list:

  • Breads: opt for whole grains, pita or easy-to-digest flours such as sourdough
  • Meat and seafood: opt for light meat like skinless chicken and ground turkey; salmon, trout, and tuna.
  • Pasta and rice: choose brown rice, whole grain pasta or organic quinoa
  • Beans: toss beans in your online cart. Beans are great for bean paste in tortillas, a quick snack or a protein additive in a salad or omelet.
  • Condiments: if you’re as desperate for condiments as I am, try mustard, olive oil or red wine vinegar, three low-sugar options. Basil and red pepper flakes also add a ton of flavor to salads without packing on empty calories.
  • Breakfast goods: go for eggs and steel-cut or rolled oats that can be enjoyed hot or cold.
  • Produce: it’s always a good idea to eat what’s in season; it’s fresh, and the earth says it’s what you need at this is time, in this climate. Cha-ching.
  • Drinks: how about sparkling water and unsweetened green tea?

Staple Alternatives - healthy foods to get at the grocery store

As you are pulling items into your online shopping cart, consider these swaps to make sure you cart more nutritious upon checkout.

  • Brown rice and quinoa instead of pasta. Brown rice and quinoa are both super filling and provide way more nutrients to the body than does pasta. Another excellent pasta alternative is spaghetti squash; a vegetable that when boiled softens into the likes of spaghetti noodles.

Image of quinoa and brown rice salad.

  • Dried fruit instead of chocolate. If you’re a chocolate addict, try replacing the addictive sweet with something like dried fruit. If you absolutely must be able to eat some chocolate every day, make sure to buy a bar that is extra dark and as close to pure cacao as possible.
  • Black beans instead of flour. Did you know you use a cup of black bean purée instead of a cup of flour when baking something scrumptious such as brownies?
  • Ground flaxseeds instead of breadcrumbs. If your salad or entree recipe calls for breadcrumbs, replace the topping with ultra-nutritious flaxseeds.

These swaps are just a few of our favorites. As you trade in staple grocery items for healthy alternatives, the baking and cooking swaps will become endless. But remember, start slow and start small.

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