what does dark chocolate do for you

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Did you know that chocolate comes from a fruit? That’s right. All around the world, chocolate farmers graze and mind their mini jungles, plucking ripe cacao fruits from the tree. The farmer cracks the cacao fruit open to find a thick and glue-like substance and a handful of cacao pods, little almond-shaped chocolate beans.

Long ago, the cacao fruit (from which chocolate derives today) was so popular for its health benefits and delicious taste, it was reserved exclusively for royals. Later on, it became a currency for trading goods and once when currency ran out in central/South America, coins and dollars were replaced by cacao beans!

Chocolate has pretty much always been irresistible and as proven by history, as good as money.

Since chocolate is a fruit, is it good for me?

After the farmer plucks the pods from the fruit, they get dried, roasted, peeled, crushed and/or powdered. Depending on the desired outcome, the fruit seeds go through any number of layered processes.

how does dark chocolate help your body

The more processes the cacao pod goes through, the farther it gets from its fruit seed state and, typically, the more ingredients that are added to give it a sweet, sugary taste.

The darker a chocolate is, the less milk that has diluted it and the more of the superfood qualities it maintains.

Let’s check out the dazzling benefits of dark chocolate (in moderation, of course).

What does dark chocolate do for you?

Dark chocolate feeds your body nutrients including fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. These nutrients help you out by reducing inflammation, lowering risk of heart disease, improving blood flow and more.

Next time you reach for a refreshening sweet, go for Pearson’s Dark Chocolate Mint Patties.

can pregnant women eat dark chocolate

How does dark chocolate help your body?

Quality dark chocolate can relax your arteries, thereby reducing blood pressure. It can hook you up with ‘good’ cholesterol and help combat your ‘bad’ cholesterol. Dark chocolate can reduce insulin resistance, a condition that can lead to diabete. The properties of dark chocolate have been shown to reduce heart disease and heading north, improve cognitive function.

Can pregnant women eat dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is known to contain stimulants such as caffeine, and we all know caffeine is suggested against taking during pregnancy by many doctors. The good news? Dark chocolate is good and safe for both you and your baby. But remember, don’t over-consume - caffeine can cross the placenta and in high doses, has been shown to have detrimental development effects.

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does dark chocolate have antioxidants

Does dark chocolate have antioxidants?

Dark chocolate not only has antioxidants, it comes from a seed that is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the entire planet. Long before we could grow whatever we needed, whenever we wanted, whenever we were, Mother Nature provided us with superfoods growing out of the earth that contained every nutrient and mineral necessary to nourish and optimize the human body. Dark chocolate comes from one of these foods. Kick up your antioxidant count next you treat yourself with Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Fruit Flavors.

A little chocolate never hurt anybody, actually, it has helped a lot of people. While we are not suggesting you load up on high-calorie chocolate bars every day, give yourself a reprieve with a bite (or few…) of dark chocolate and soak up its superfood benefits to be a superhuman you. Make sure to toss a dark chocolate into your EZneeds cart at checkout!



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